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Want to find a way to reduce your taxes?


When it comes to saving for retirement, you want to know that your investment funds and options are able to take advantage of the innovative investment opportunities available.

Maple has sophisticated, leading-edge digital retirement solutions custom-tailored to your needs. Whether you have already invested in crypto or want to maximize your investment success in retirement, we’ve got you covered.

Our full lineup of crypto digital retirement investments are custom built to withstand the changes of the future, retirement goals, and investment capabilities

Crypto Registered Retirement Savings Plan Services

Want to find a way to reduce your taxes? Open a Registered Retirement Savings Plan with Maple today. Our digital retirement accounts capitalize on the financial benefits of blockchain technology while allowing you to make tax-deductible RRSP contributions every month.

  • Save for retirement goals
  • Enjoy tax deductions on yearly contributions
  • Set up regular contributions
  • Start sooner to save more

Enjoy lower income taxes with CRRSP contributions. Grow your investments tax-deferred until withdrawal.