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Before you get yourself some bitcoin, you may wonder who accepts bitcoin as payment? It's been 12 years since its inception, and the number of merchants and service providers who accept bitcoin keeps on growing. From Substack to Microsoft, Tesla to the country of El Salvador, spending BTC is becoming increasingly easier with every passing day.

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According to, there are over 23,000 venues all over the globe where you can purchase goods and services using bitcoin. The actual number of vendors accepting bitcoin is likely much higher, considering how large its ecosystem has gotten. Besides, you can already spend bitcoin via e-pay services like PayPal, BitPay, and others, and you can also spend it like regular money using cryptocurrency debit & credit cards issued by Maple Investments.

Tech companies that accept Crypto curremcy

  1. Microsoft. The giant from Redmond supports the option of topping up one’s Microsoft account with BTC. Although it was removed for a brief period, in 2022 bitcoin can be used to buy apps or games from Microsoft’s Windows or Xbox stores, without support for purchasing stuff from its online store. While the company’s earlier record of supporting bitcoin has been spotty, its support for this cryptocurrency is surely a wind in the sails of crypto promoters.
  2. AT&T. Proud as the first mobile carrier to accept crypto payments, AT&T allows crypto payments through BitPay.
  3. Namecheap. This popular domain management and registration site was urged on by the tech community to add bitcoin as a means of payment.
  4. The Internet Archive. The scholarly archive allows you to donate with bitcoin among other currencies like ethereumfilecoinXRP and zcash.
  5. ExpressVPN. With Bitpay, the privacy tool allows you to pay using bitcoin.
  6. DishNetwork. You can use bitcoin and bitcoin cash to pay for a subscription with the TV connectivity company.
  7. Grooveshark. Grooveshark, the music streaming service, uses Stripe to process bitcoin payments.
  8. The SEO-focused job marketplace allows you to pay for services with bitcoin.
  9. Substack. One of the most popular internet newsletter services now lets you pay your favorite creators in bitcoin.
  10. Using Bitpay, this website creation platform allows you to pay with bitcoin

Ecommerce Companies That Accept Bitcoin

  1. NewEgg. NewEgg is an online retailing powerhouse, particularly when it comes to hardware and electronic gadgets. It was one of the pioneers among the early bitcoin adopters. The platform supports three ways of paying with bitcoin, including web purchases, wallet-based transfers, and transactions made on smartphones. A caveat: bitcoins are not accepted if you want to spend them on digital gift cards, preorders, and subscriptions, so you better make sure to check the fine print in the platform’s terms of service. Since then, it is now the first to accept litecoin.
  2. Online retailer giant Amazon does not accept bitcoin payments. Yet, the options such as allow you to buy stuff from its merchants in a more or less direct manner. This platform will link the holders of bitcoin who want to purchase stuff on Amazon with those who want to receive bitcoin in exchange for making an order from the platform.
  3. Shopify. Shopify is an e-commerce giant which provides the online environment in which the merchants can open their own virtual selling stands, not unlike what you find on eBay. At the moment, tens of thousands of merchants on it are readily accepting bitcoin via the use of Through these channels, Shopify claims to accept 300+ cryptocurrencies.
  4. eGifter and Gyft. Gift card platforms such as eGifter and Gyft allow you to spend BTC to buy gift cards that can be used at stores that do not support direct purchases with bitcoins at the moment. Once acquired, these cards can be used with Amazon, Home Depot and other retailers.
  5. BitPlaza is yet another e-retailer, promising easy support for shopping with bitcoin. The platform’s offer ranges from cosmetics to groceries and electronics. In addition to visiting its online shopping center, you can spend your hard-earned BTC with the help of dedicated Android and iOS apps.
  6. Etsy. Through the finances and payment settings, you can accept crypto.
  7. This global shopping site accepts bitcoin


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