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Crypto Loan

With the increasing demand for cryptocurrencies, the number of people interested continues to grow, including those who are completely new to digital finances. And as such, a variety of systems that make cryptocurrency usage much easier have come forward.

What Can You Do With a Crypto Loan ?

There are many ways to increase your wealth using cryptocurrencies. Crypto loans are one of the tools to do that. They can cover short term liquidity needs without sacrificing your crypto’s upside potential, but they can also be used to allow you to trade more crypto or take advantage of tax benefits.

  • Cover your personal or business cashflow needs instantly while keeping your crypto assets on your books
  • Use your loan to buy more crypto, then pay your loan back from the price increase of your assets
  • Instead of paying taxes on your crypto gains, take a loan to get cash and keep your tax dollars

Your Risk Level, Your choice

We let you decide how much risk you’re willing to take, that is why our interest rates (APR) are not determined by LTV or loan duration, but solely by your collateral asset.

Allowing you to benefit from a higher LTV means:

  • you can borrow more with having to lock in less crypto
  • you can earn interest on your crypto that is not locked in collateral
  • you can trade your crypto that is not locked in collateral

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